The Early Sufi Ruba'iyats of Abu Sa'id, Baba Tahir & Ansari

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Titel:      The Early Sufi Ruba'iyats of Abu Sa'id, Baba Tahir & Ansari
Kategorie:      KINDLE
BuchID:      1400
Autor:      Paul Smith (Autor, Übersetzer)
ISBN-10(13):      ASIN: B0751FGSXJ
Verlag:      New Humanity Books
Publikationsdatum:      08/2017
Seitenanzahl:      273
Sprache:      Englisch
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The ruba’i is probably the oldest form of Persian Poetry that was made famous in the west by Omar Khayyam. The Sufis soon took it up to express their views on Divine Unity, the essential role of the Divine Beloved and Perfect Master and at times as a love poem, or as a critique on the stupidity of false rulers. Abu Sa’id (968-1049) was a Perfect Master poet who lived in Nishapur and composed ruba’is, over 400 of them. He was a founder of Sufi poetry and a major influence on the ruba’i and most poets that followed, especially Sana’i, Nizami, ‘Attar, Rumi and Hafiz. Baba Tahir of Hamadan (990-1065?), a God-intoxicated, or God-mad soul (mast) composed about 120 ruba’i. His simple, mystical poems that he would sing while wandering naked through the land had a profound influence on Sufis and dervishes and other ruba’i poets. A great Sufi poet and Perfect Master, Ansari… who died in 1089 in Herat was famous for his biography on saints and Sufi masters and his inspiring prayers, the Munajat among many works in Persian and Arabic. His ruba’is appear throughout his works. The correct rhyme-structure and meaning have been kept in this collection. Introduction: The Ruba’i: Its Form, Use and History; Sufis & Dervishes: Their Art and Use of Poetry. Lives & Times & Poetry of each poet plus a Selected Bibliography are included. 

Paul Smith is a poet, author and translator of many books of Sufi poets of the Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, Pashtu and other languages, including Hafiz, Sadi, Nizami, Rumi, ‘Attar, Sana’i, Jahan, Obeyd Zakani, Nesimi, Kabir, Anvari, Ansari, Jami, Khayyam, Rudaki, Yunus Emre, Lalla Ded, Mu’in, Mansur Hallaj, Mahsati and many others, poetry, fiction, plays, biographies, children’s books, a dozen screenplays.

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