Perfect human concepts in the first novels of the

Titel:      Perfect human concepts in the first novels of the
Kategorie:      Alisher Navoi
BuchID:      1879
Autor:      Muslihiddin Qutbiddinovich Mukhiddinov
ISBN-10(13):      978-6200562289
Verlag:      Lap Lambert Academic Publishing
Publikationsdatum:      02/2020
Seitenanzahl:      208
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Nizami Ganjavi, Amir KhusravDehlavi, Abdurahman Jomiy and Alisher Navoi «Khamsa» have been read and loved by our people for centuries as rare examples of Eastern classical literature. It is noteworthy that the intelligentsia of the Uzbek people knew Persian as anathema and read the best examples of Persian poetry and promoted immortal ideas in it. It is also interesting to note that the works of Nizami, Amir Khusrav, Jami or Navoi were not opposed to each other; One loved Nizami Ganjavi's «Khamsa», the other was the poem of Amir Khusrav, and another - the works of Jami and Navoi. For example, in the first half of the 15th century, the works of Amir Khusrav were popular in Herat. In general, the works of Amir Khusrav were more popular in style than in Nizami. For readers with a high level of charisma, Amir Khusrav is well-known to the wide audience, so the Indian poet's poems with the word Navoi, word-for-love, poetic melodies, long adventures of word-of-mouth, and wonderful adventures. For centuries, readers were thrilled.

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